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About Us

About Us

We are Robert and Terri Johnson at Robert Johnson Attorney at Law. We  are a two Attorney Law firm. We have been in business in Middle Tennessee for thirty years. We aim to help families going through financial hardships by providing friendly and non-judgmental bankruptcy service. We understand life gets hard, and its easy to find yourself in a financial hardship. Don't worry because we can guide you through the entire bankruptcy process and help you get back on track to a better life! 

We offer three Convenient locations. When you meet with us it will be with a Lawyer in Springfield, Lawyer in White House or a Lawyer in Madison, Tennessee.

Our Services

We offer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Springfield, White House, and Madison, Tennessee. We have been helping people for 30 years and can tell you the in's and out's of each type of Bankruptcy. Our prices are designed to be of the most reasonable in Middle Tennessee. 

Free Consultation

Give us a call and we can give you a free consultation about which type of Bankruptcy you qualify for. We are truly a no-hassle law firm.

Why we chose to practice Bankruptcy Law

Because it works!

Bankruptcy has provided so much relief for thousands of our clients. We help people who have unmanageable debt by filing a bankruptcy for them if they qualify. This creates relief, piece of mind, and an opportunity for a fresh start. 

Because we are Down-To-Earth People

We totally understand how easy it is to get behind on bills or have circumstances that come up in life which significantly affect your finances. Don't let our title of lawyer scare you. We are just regular people who live humbly and work hard to help our clients who trust us.

Because we love what we do!

We truly love this job! Getting to help our clients file Bankruptcy in effort to improve their life is our entire reason for being in this business. We hope you find us approachable and professional!

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